Loud and Clear: Rethinking the Service Design in Georgia
In Georgia, emergency service 112 is only reachable through a voice call, which automatically excludes people with hearing and speech impairments. In an effort to design an inclusive service model, UNDP, 112 and Swedish Government invited people with disabilities, tech specialists and civil society organizations to a three-day workshop to design the prototypes for a new accessible emergency service.
Client: UNDP
Sheep, Grass and Water
Filmed under the EU-funded project "Clima East: Sustainable Management of Pastures in Georgia". Shepherds of Tusheti, a mountainous region in the heart of the Caucasus, can hardly explain the Climate Change. They can do better than that – show you how it works as they feel its effects every day. The European Union and UNDP work with the Government of Georgia to improve pasture management in Vashlovani, one of the country's unique protected areas, and make the lives of Tush shepherds more stable and secure.
Client: UNDP
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